Board of Directors

Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple’s Board of Directors is composed of a tremendous group of congregants who voluntarily give so much of their time, expertise and resources to ensure the continued strength and vitality of this beloved congregation. The following show their commitment to Fairmount Temple by their presence on the Board.  If you would like to send a message to a Board Member, please send it to and it will be forwarded to the Board Member you request.


President Michele Krantz
Vice President Peter Brosse
Vice President Barry Kallmeyer
Vice President Shelley Milin Marcus
Treasurer Marcel Duhamel
Secretary Nancy Adams
Immediate Past President Todd Silverman

Board Members Elected by the Congregation

Terms Expiring 2024

  • Russell Benghiat
  • Pam Berkson
  • Laura Creed
  • Andrea Desberg
  • Kate Anderson Foley
  • Abby Goldstein
  • Lisa Hacker
  • Andrew Kahn
  • Barry Kallmeyer
  • Andy Klein
  • Michael Kleinman
  • Clark Rose
  • Margi Zitelli

Terms Expiring 2025

  • Nancy Adams
  • Robert Blumstein
  • Lisa Danielpour
  • Jessica Grashoff
  • Patty Inglis
  • Andy Isaacs
  • Michele Krantz
  • Shelley Milin Marcus

Terms Expiring 2026

  • Peter Brosse
  • Michael Davidson
  • Marcel Duhamel
  • Marilyn Goldfein
  • Karen Hiller
  • Esther Potash
  • Julie Raskind
  • Scott Spiegle
  • Leah Taylor
  • Amy Wain
  • Adam Young

Representative Trustees

Life Trustees Council*
Past Presidents Council** Stephen Schlein, Brian Young
Men of Fairmount Temple (formerly Brotherhood) Al Hochheiser
Anshe Chesed Temple Youth (ACTY) Sadie Zelin
Women of Fairmount Temple (formerly Sisterhood) Ronna Kaplan and Enid Yurman
Honorary Trustees Will Sukenik, Stephen Weinberg
Executive Director Julianna Johnston Senturia

* Life Trustees Council who elect representatives from their Council to the Board of Directors

  • Dr. Tom Abelson
  • Lois Jacobson
  • Marguerite Morris
  • Sheilah Orkin*
  • Edith Paller
  • Edward Reichek
  • Stephen Schlein
  • Ilene Schwartz
  • Will Sukenik

** Past Presidents Council who elect representatives from their Council to the Board of Directors

  • Dr. Tom Abelson
  • James Friedman
  • Jeffrey Leavitt
  • Morton Q. Levin
  • James Levine
  • Michael Penzner
  • Stephen Schlein
  • Todd Silverman
  • Edward Weintraub
  • Stanley Wertheim
  • Brian Young

*Recently Deceased