April 19, 2024 -



Dear Friends,

One of the values we teach at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple is how big a difference we can individually make with our lives. For we believe, in accordance with Jewish tradition, that each life is worth the life of the whole world. That value is not just meant to praise the one who saves the life of another person. Rather it stresses to us the power we have to touch holiness and be meaningful in the life of a community. That is why we are so moved at Anshe Chesed when:

  • One of our members help nine others become a minyan, a comforting community in prayer.
  • One of our members works with their spouse to fulfill their desire to raise their children as Jews.
  • One of our members reaches out to a neighbor in the wider community and offers friendship and solace.
  • One of our members, or one of our families, make a difference through gifts of tzedekah and their willingness to volunteer.

For all of us at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple, this idea that one person can make a difference is a guiding value. We hope that you’ll consider joining our synagogue and sharing with us your values, your background, your energies and vision. We hope we will make a difference in your life, and that together we will share a world in which your commitments, your prayers, your contributions of time, energy and substance make a difference.

We invite you to come over to our temple and meet us, learn with us, enjoy one of our many programmatic offerings, and consider whether Anshe Chesed (“people of kindness”) is a temple that you and your family might want to join and make a difference.

L’shalom al Yisrael,

Robert A. Nosanchuk, Senior Rabbi
Joshua L. Caruso, Rabbi
Vladimir Lapin, Cantor
Elle A. Muhlbaum, Associate Rabbi