Hashkivenu Prayer for Minnesota

This post on If Not Now, When?, the interactive blog of Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple, was written by Cantor Rachel Stock Spilker of Mt. Zion Temple, St. Paul, MN on April 20, 2021,

Hashkiveinu for Minnesota

O God, during this turbulent time, help us to lie down with sound hearts that we may rise up with the vigor we need to speak out for righteousness and the sanctity of life.

Spread your canopy of tranquility over us. 

Guide us.

Watch over us.

Help us to stand strong in the face of heartbreak and injustice.

Gather us tenderly into your protective embrace, look after us, and deliver us that we may partner in doing Your work with passion and compassion.

Guard us if we take to the streets and help us to return safely.

Protect every person who walks down the street, who stops at a light, who shops in a store, who goes about their daily lives.  May all of us return unharmed, l’chaim, with our precious lives.

Baruch Atah Adonai, blessed are You, Adonai.  Please, please God, blanket us – all of us — in peace.