Update on Our Search for Fairmount Temple Director of Lifelong Learning

The blog post below describes an update from our lifelong learning chairperson Jordan Katz about the progress made in our search at Fairmount Temple for a Director of Lifelong Learning. You may comment below if you would like to share a thought or question. Or you may also contact us directly, Jordan Katz at ACFT.LLC@gmail.com, or Rabbi Nosanchuk at rnosanchuk@fairmounttemple.org to share ideas, questions or input.

In November of 2014, our Lifelong Learning Committee and Senior Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk shared with you the important news for our lifelong learning efforts at Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple. We have been searching for a person to take on a new staff role at Fairmount Temple: Director of Lifelong Learning.  


This new position which will serve our entire temple community, including our Religious School. But the person chosen as Director of Lifelong Learning will also act as a as a visionary and catalyst for all our lifelong learning efforts, ranging from early childhood to religious school to adult education. The person who is selected will oversee all the educational personnel and faculty, and strengthen our entire staff and lay leadership in their ability to promote Fairmount Temple as an institution growing its knowledge and commitment to Jewish learning and life.


Here is an update on our efforts in the search for our Director of Lifelong learning.


In the fall, a committee was assembled to operate the search and help make recommendations to Rabbi Nosanchuk.  The committee believes this to be a pivotal decision in growing the rewards of participating in learning experiences through Fairmount Temple. The committee includes parents in our early childhood center and religious school, faculty in our religious school and adult education, and dedicated members of our lifelong learning committee, and adult education classes. Our committee members include: Lifelong Learning Chairperson Jordan Katz, along with Abby Penzner Goldstein, Nancy Grannis, Lynn Jacobs, Diane Lavin, Rick Leibovich, Erin Zelin, Rabbi Caruso and Rabbi Nosanchuk.


We submitted our job description to NATE, the National Association of Temple Educators, who helps to organize a placement process for educational leaders in our Reform Jewish Movement. We have received several resumes and inquiries from highly qualified candidates nationally and locally. In the coming few weeks of February, we will continue the interviewing process with local candidates, and welcome prospective candidates from communities across the country, to visit Cleveland, and meet with our committee, and other stakeholders. We are hopeful to have a person “hired” by mid-March, to begin their new role in July.


We welcome your questions and input, and would encourage you to send emails, if you have to share ideas to ACFT.LLC@gmail.com and will update you as we continue this exciting process.






Jordan Katz, Chairperson, Lifelong Learning Committee, ACFT.LLC@gmail.com