My Community, My Temple – by Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple President Stephen Schlein

Below are excerpts from the President’s Address at Rosh Hashanah Worship on 5774, shared by Fairmount Tempel President Stephen Schlein. We encourage you to comment below or share this posting with others to encourage involvement and engagement in Temple life.
As your president, I have three goals for our congregation:
• I want all members to feel part of the Anshe
Chesed Fairmount Temple Family.
• I want everyone to say, “This is my Temple.”
• I want everyone to make this a better place
for all members.

Is this too much to ask? Maybe, but I believe we can do it. Why do I think we can do it? Because people are doing it every day it every day.

Stefani Feldman did it. Stefanie is a teacher in our Early Childhood Center and our Religious  School. She is a dedicated teacher who was unhappy with the way the children’s bathrooms looked. She decided to do something about it and painted and decorated them. All she asked for was the paint. Stefanie
Feldman and all our teachers are caring. This is their Temple.

Andy & Taryn Isaacs did it. They were looking for a place to be Jewish and find more young adult friends to be involved. So they worked with our Rabbis, who were very supportive, as were other young adults Ian Young, Adam Yasinow, Jaclyn Inglis, and Matt Raskind , who all grew up at Fairmount Temple Together, they created a new and vibrant group of young professionals as part of our community. This is their Temple.

Marcia Levine, Jim Samuels and Christine Weiss did it.. They became the core team leaders of our Greater Cleveland Congregation committee. Under Rabbi Caruso’s guidance, Fairmount Temple was a founding member of GCC and our core group now has over 400 members—one of the strongest in the organization. They are actively engaged in reforming education, expanding healthcare access, and responding to criminal justice concerns. They are saying This is our Temple and our mission “to better the world.”

Todd Silverman did it. When Friends of Fairmount needed a new leader, Todd came forward. He and many members of the committee are doing the difficult task of asking congregants for money to support our mission. Friends of Fairmount is essential to our financial stability. It is the support of numerous people who’ve stepped up to larger gifts that makes this campaign a success. I hope you will continue to support our important institution. Todd Silverman and all the members of the Friends of Fairmount are saying, This is my Temple.’

The Usher Corp and Greeters do it. There is no group that has been so consistent and dependable. I bet Jack Stewart has been an usher for over 45 years. Jeff and Marilyn Jack Stewart Jeff and Marilyn Bilsky usher as a couple, Peggy and Richard Berhens as mother/son and so many more do it when they can. All our ushers make us feel welcome. These are just a few examples of people who make Anshe Chesed a special congregation. We see your hard work and dedication.

We thank you! You are the Fairmount Temple family. This is your temple. We will make this a better place for you and all our members.