Optimism, Motivation and Hope at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

Fairmount Temple congregant and high school student Eric Giesler joined Rabbi Robert Nosanchuk in Washington, DC at the Consultation on Conscience of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in April 2013. Eric’s participation in this conferenence was supported by the Darnovsky/Bonder Fund and the Maurice H. Shapiro Consultation on Conscience Fund of Fairmount Temple. We encourage you to share this post, to comment below, and to see more information about the Religious Action Center’s important work on behalf of our Reform Jewish movement in Washington, D.C. at http://rac.org

A few weeks ago, Fairmount Temple provided me the opportunity to attend the Consultation on Conscience, sponsored by the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.  Prior to this trip, I really have had little direct exposure to politics and government.

During this conference, I was fortunate enough to hear Susan Rice, the U.S ambassador to the United Nations.  She was an amazing speaker, who gives me a sense of hope and optimism for the future for America and Americans relationship with Israel.  Additionally, during the two-day conference I participated in sessions where we learned about social change led by the Jewish community and how to ignite this change.  Very inspiring and eye opening, I learned a great deal about how to get Jews in the community involved in this movement and the impact this social action can have.  I am motivated to get involved.

On the final day of the conference, we were fortunate enough to go to Capitol Hill, where we heard various Congressmen and Senators.  With today’s economy and the polarized political climate there isn’t a great deal of optimism when hearing politicians talk about the future but hearing Representatives Joseph Kennedy and Krysten Senema gave me sense of excitement  and optimism for the future and the kind of leaders that may be able to bridge the divide. We also heard from Senator Lindsey Graham and Rabbi Jonah Pesner with their passion and enthusiasm for social change in society.

I am now extremely optimistic about what the future has in store.  I really am thankful that I was given an opportunity to attend this conference and gained a great deal of knowledge over the course of the conference.