Laughter and Humor – Not Just Kids Stuff

In his article “Laughter and Humor – Not Just Kids Stuff,” Jodn Morreall made this observation:

            “Humor is an integral part of young children’s play, as it is of human play generally.  When children are feeling secure and happy with other children, or with adults, laughter is the most natural sound.  According to a facoid that has circulated for years, preschoolers laugh 200 – 300 times a day, while adults laugh only 15 – 20 times a day.”  Though Mr. Morreall goes on to say that he has never found a truly reliable source for those numbers, he does know that “from kindergartens to graduate and professional programs,” laughter is systematically suppressed.  “In school a child with musical ability may be sent to the music room and one w ith artistic skill may go to the art room, but the child with a good sense of humor is sent to the principal’s office.”  He goes on to say that “one thing that gets suppressed by schools along with humor and laughter is emotional range.  Most young children have at least a dozen faces, but many adults limp through life with two or three faces – or worse, just that all purpose Professional Cool face.  Knowing when and how to engage in humor is part of emotional intelligence.”

            I hope you find some food for thought. And, I hope you find a little laugh today!


Pam Deutsch

ECC Director