An Important Note from Our Fairmount Temple President – Jim Levine

I am inspired by our observance of Passover, as we retell the story of the exodus of our ancestors, the Hebrews, who searched together for the promised land. So as well do we need to band together for the next part of our journey as a congregation.

On Sunday, May 19, at 10 a.m., Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple will hold its congregational Annual Meeting. At this time, we will be presented with a proposed change to our Constitution from a Task Force that had been examining how to be sure our governance documents and procedures, written so long ago, fit the inclusive nature of our congregation. Today, Fairmount Temple is made up of so many families that include both a Jewish and non-Jewish spouse, but who are together working to build a future for the Jewish community.

This Task Force, under the guidance of long-time congregant and former Board Vice President Kathy Hexter, recommends giving voting and clear membership rights to the non-Jewish spouse or life partner of a member of this congregation. Our Executive Committee approved a resolution which then went to our Board of Directors and was affirmed in February. The proposal is now presented to you, our congregation, for the final vote of approval. Our clergy and temple leadership together feel the new language adds clarity and depth to our approach to the non-Jewish members of our families and endorse this proposal.

I encourage you to come as your vote needs to be counted; your support needs to be heard.

We will also be electing members to our Board of Directors. This year’s slate of nominees:

Scott Bilsky, Marcel Duhamel, Jaclyn Inglis, Bob Jacobs, Julie Koppel, Michele Krantz, Michael Penzner, Michael Perlmuter Ilene Schwartz Todd Silverman, Randy Solomon and Jennifer Stern

At the Annual Meeting, breaking from tradition of honoring just one person with the coveted President’s Award, I have decided to honor not one but four people. They just all happen to be family members! This family has done so much for this temple as ushers, committee chairs, Board members, and more. I have seen how they bring new members to our temple and work hard reviewing our budgets and caring for our building. I am speaking of the Bilsky family – Marilyn & Jeff, son and daughter-in-law Scott & Amy – they are incredible! Together they exemplify the behind-the-scenes glue, the generation after generation of family members who are committed to keeping our community alive and well.

Please join me in honoring the Bilsky family through your attendance at the Meeting. We will provide a light brunch starting at 9:45 a.m.

Jim Levine