Meeting the needs of all learners

Some people ask what in the world we do all summer in the Religious School office!  As many of you have seen when you’ve been here, we’re busy processing registrations, ordering supplies, writing grants, planning programs, aligning outcomes with goals, studying curriculum, and creating calendars and schedules, just to name a few things.  An article came through my inbox this morning that resonated with much of our work – .  We’re working to make Religous School innovative, fun, engaging, and thought-provoking for all students.  We take our role seriously, to help nurture and inspire learners of all ages and abilities, to become knowledgable and passionate Jews.

If you haven’t registered for classes yet, please do so now.  Forms are available on the website under lifelong learning.  Or feel free to call or email for them.

Please be aware that some Parent Child Hebrew classes are filled with waiting lists.

Keep enjoying the summer sun and shade!