Shabbat Rituals at Home

Today’s post by rabbinical student Leah Citrin on the Union for Reform Judaism blog is all about Shabbat rituals you can incorporate at home.  Post is HERE.

As Jews, we get to celebrate a holiday each and every week—how lucky are we! What’s even better is that it is a holiday that is meant to be celebrated—at least in part—in the home. How convenient! Shabbat practice can—and does—differ from person to person, that is what makes Reform Judaism so special and unique. Yet there are certain elements that can tie us together as a greater Jewish people. On Friday nights, our Shabbat celebration might include going to synagogue. It might include a family dinner. It might include friends or relatives. And it might include three rituals that have been part of our people’s history for quite some time: candle lighting, Kiddush, and Motzi.

There are a few things you might add to this, such as the Blessing for Children, and a joint husband-wife acknowledgement in the spirit of Eishet Chayil (or Eishet Chayil and a blessing for your spouse of your own creation!), but this post has great info and is a great start.