Shabbat Evening Service, followed by Oneg with Learning

March 31, 2023    
6:15 pm - 7:30 pm

Every Shabbat (Friday) evening, Fairmount Temple offers a 6:15 pm Shabbat Service with soothing prayers, inspiring teachings and uplifting music. In addition to our clergy, we often host guest speakers, scholars, activists and musicians to help demonstrate the relevance of Judaism in encountering the world. We welcome you! Services are offered both in person, followed by an oneg,  and virtually here.

Our newly formed Art Committee will host its inaugural congregational event at the Oneg Shabbat on March 31, known as Shabbat Hagadol, in preparation for Passover. This Committee is committed to engaging congregants with our temple’s Jewish art collection to deepen their connection to Judaism and to Fairmount Temple. On this, the final Shabbat before Passover, it is customary to build one’s knowledge of the holiday. Join us in person as Art Committee member Ken Litwak will lead with others a brief 20-minute engaging conversation at the museum cases of the Olyn and Joseph Horwitz Judaica collection in our beautiful Spiegle Sukenik Atrium Foyer. During this discussion of art and Passover, we will explore the beauty and history of two 19th century seder plates that are part of our synagogue art collection