Rebuilding Your Passover Toolkit

March 22, 2023    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Rebuilding Your Passover Toolkit
Wednesday, March 22, 7 pm

This new adult learning program, led by Rabbi Nosanchuk and Cantor Vladimir Lapin, is an opportunity to help rebuild your toolkit for Passover celebrations and enrich your Passover with individual and communal meaning. This program will be presented in a unique hybrid format. You may attend in-person or join us virtually using Owl technology, recommended by our temple technology committee, allowing participants to interact, whether in person or Zoom, simultaneously. Cantor Lapin will share special Passover traditions, cultural rituals, and melodies of Jewish communities around the world. Rabbi Nosanchuk will explore textual sources about the role in Passover of God hearing the suffering of human beings and our role in responding to modern-day suffering.

We hope after this special program you’ll find that you have rebuilt your Passover toolkit, and feel better prepared to share new insights and pose many more than “four questions” at your Passover Seder. RSVP to Staci Cohen ( and let her know whether you plan to participate in person or via Zoom.